February 2021

It’s that time of year again, where we pull out the roses, the heart box of chocolates, and a special gift that shows that you care. Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a Valentine or Galentine, here is something sweet and sentimental for the person you love. You can get a set of bracelets for your “lil friend” or friendship bracelets for your best friend. I personally love the romantic combination of bracelets that draw out the smooth luster in the pearls and the shimmer of the rose gold Swarovski Crystals that will surely glisten under the moonlight. It is the perfect gift for a lovely date night and a guaranteed jaw dropper. But I also can’t help but acknowledge that Bijoux Delone has not left our Galentines hanging. She has made some beautiful friendship bracelets with you all in mind. I don’t think friendships are honored enough. But this year, you can easily express your value for your best friends, your sisters, or cousins with these gems. Ms. Bijoux offers the classic friendship bracelets in a variety of red beads, specialized hearts, and other charms that simply convey how special they are to you. So let’s raise a glass, and toast to love and long lasting friendships.